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Hidden away at the western end of Nairobi station, the museum offers visitors a fine collection railway memorabilia from the days of the East African Railway. The indoor museum hall features Queen Elizabeth's seat from the 1950's East African Royal Train and a special panoramic seat, attached to the front of a steam locomotive to allow for unsurpassed views of East Africa's scenery and wildlife. Users included Theodore Roosevelt and the Prince of Wales. The outdoor collection includes steam locomotives used in the 1985 film, Out of Africa and Carriage No. 12 where Superintendent Charles Ryall was killed by a man eating lion on the night of June 6th, 1900.

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Wednesday 27th April 2016

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Last updated 09.11.2016

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Entrance Fee KSh 600 (6 US$) - Adult

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N.B. Map shows approximate museum location

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