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  • Walk, cycle, bus or tube? Well it completely depends on the journey you are trying to make. With areas that are only a short distance apart, such as South Bank and Covent Garden walking is by far the best way of getting around. Making a trip to Camden will probably require a tube but do remember spending all day in underground tunnels is certainly not the best way of exploring London unless of course you are visiting one of the many abandoned underground tube stations. Buses on the other hand allow you to view London from the comfort of a seat, and with double deck buses on almost every route you will be above all the people on the pavement. Using buses can seem daunting at first but once you get the hang of it, it is fun and cheap but don't forget the potential traffic jams. Cycling I can only recommend for the experienced unless you're taking a slow ride through Hyde Park. Navigating the streets whilst also carefully maneuvering around traffic requires a certain skill, but watching the hundreds of bikes in all shapes and sizes heading towards London Bridge station across the Thames in the evening peak is eye opening. 


Before travelling check the Transport for London (TfL) website as tube line closures can occur. Day travel cards are available from all London Underground stations using the self service ticket machines or alternatively use oyster / contactless for each single journey. For central London travel information, ticket prices, maps and more visit the London Transport page. 

Page last updated on 8th February 2017.