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Lusaka to Livingstone (Zambia)

Updated: Mar 3

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There are always more photos to be shared, but sharing them all on this journal page will just make it look cluttered, so if you want to see more photos for inspiration, check out my Flickr Tanzania - 2019 album.


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Livingstone to Lusaka, Kapiri Mposhi and Kitwe-Nkana

Ordinary Passenger Train ("Kafue"/"Zambezi"): Departs Livingstone at 20:00 on Monday's and Friday's, arriving Lusaka at 14:24 on Tuesday and Saturday - the train then departs Lusaka at 15:24 arriving Kapiri Mposhi at 22:01 (Tuesday/Saturday) and Kitwe-Nkana at 06:00 (Wednesday/Sunday).

Kitwe-Nkana, Kapiri Mposhi and Lusaka to Livingstone

Ordinary Passenger Train ("Kafue"/"Zambezi"): Departs Kitwe-Nkana at 06:00 on Monday's and Friday's, arriving Kapiri Mposhi at 23:57 and Lusaka at 06:56 (Tuesday/Saturday) - the train then departs Lusaka at 07:36 on Tuesday's and Saturday's arriving Livingstone at 02:00 on Wednesday and Sunday.

Check the Zambian Railway Limited (ZRL) website shown in the suggested links section for up to date information.

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