Train No. 25 to Moscow (Смена)

July 6, 2007

Starting its journey from Sankt-Petersburg-Glany station, the oldest preserved station in St Petersburg, erected between 1844-51, train No. 25, aptly named after a youth magazine, 'Smena' (Смена) travels the route to Moscow in eight hours. An important tradition exists on this train, and that is, all on-board staff are graduates of the St Petersburg State Transport University. The train offers 2-person 1st class cabins (Spalny Wagon) and 4-person 2nd class cabins (Kupé).



A little bit more history 


Moscow-Passazhirskaya station is the oldest of the nine railway terminals in Moscow. Also constructed between 1844-51, the station was designed by Konstantin Thon and partly shadows the design of  Sankt-Petersburg-Glany station. The station is also the terminus of services from  St Petersburg, Tallinn (Estonia) and Helsinki (Finland). In 2009, the train was renamed as Smena-A.Betankur. Ausgustine Betankur was the architect responsible for many famous Russian buildings and monuments, particularly in St Petersburg and Moscow. 


My train ticket


My ticket on Train No. 25 from St Petersburg to Moscow on 7th July 2007



Photo Journal 


There are always more photos to be shared, but sharing them all on this journal page will just make it look cluttered so if you want to see more photos for inspiration, check out my Flickr “Russia–2007” album.




Note: This rail journey was part of my two month overland adventure from Europe to Thailand without flying. A journey of around 15,000 kilometers travelling along the Trans-Mongolian route, stopping off at Lake Baikal and the Gobi Desert, weaving through China and entering South East Asia through Lao before arriving at Khao San Road, Bangkok - the backpackers hub of Thailand. The journey was fully self organised, however Trans-Mongolian train tickets were purchased in advance through an agency in Moscow. 


Where to find more information?


For all rail journeys in Russia, simply visit the Russian Railways (RZD) official website or Real Russia.


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