LEGO Tube Carriage

November 13, 2016

Inside the World's largest LEGO store, designed to replicate the city that surrounds it, you will find an amazing selection of giant LEGO models of iconic London landmarks built entirely out of LEGO bricks. The store opened its doors on 17th November 2016 and it is located in Leicester Square, right in the heart of London.



The visit to the store begins with walking underneath a Victorian tube station iron gate entrance. Once inside you will find a LEGO tube carriage model, built from 637,903 bricks featuring an unusual set of passengers: William Shakespeare, a Queen's Royal Guard and Her Majesty the Queen. It took an extraordinary 3,399 hours to build. Although the queue might be long, visitors can sit between Shakespeare and the Guard for an excellent photo opportunity. For the curious visitors, check out the driver sitting at the front of the tube carriage. He has a horrified and scared look on his face reminding me of a runaway train incident just about to happen. 


Downstairs you will also find a tube map on the wall, a rail station platform assistant, a 6.5 meter tall Big Ben and a life size Lester. Looking into the detail closer you will notice the lift entrance area features a 'Mind the Gap' station platform sign and a ventilation grid nearby has a small LEGO Minifigure hidden inside.


Going upstairs, the stunning 3D landscape of London spans the walls of the stairwell, featuring London's iconic Black Cabs and Red Buses along with the London Eye, Parliament, Trafalgar Square, the Gherkin, Tower Bridge and the Shard. The second floor is home to a red phone booth and Brickley the Dragon complete with a bowler hat and black umbrella. 





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