Graffiti Tunnel

February 9, 2017

Just five minutes walk from London Waterloo's main station exit is Leake Street, an often overlook permanent street art exhibition nicknamed "The Tunnel". It is an 'authorised' graffiti area usually missed by those heading directly towards the London Eye but for the Street Artists, it is a playground of urban creativity. Artist travel here from all over, putting their stamp on the brick arched tunnel walls (or ceiling) creating a constantly evolving urban landscape.


In the tunnel no artwork lasts forever as old art if overwritten by newly sprayed murals giving passers-by differing experiences and perspectives daily. It's been going now for 9 years, beginning in 2008 when Banksy used the tunnel as an art display during the Cans Festival. Sadly his work has all been sprayed over but at the current artwork brings life to an otherwise dark filthy pedestrian tunnel. 



















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