Tintin Murals on the Metro

December 18, 2016

The adventures of Tintin began with a rail journey to the Soviet Union in 1930 (Tintin in the Land of the Soviets) leading to the Tintin comic series eventually became the most popular European comic of the 20th century, with fantasy, mystery, science fiction and political thrillers all mixed together. Back in Brussels today, around 140 characters from the Tintin comics are found along the walls of Stockel Metro Station. This mural, at a staggering 300 meters in length covers both sides of the metro station and was designed by Hergé himself in 1982, a year before his death at the age of 75.


Stockel metro station is the terminus of Metro Line 1 and the line can be accessed from Gare Centrale (and other city centre locations). To use the Brussels metro, simply buy a ticket (2,10 €) from a ticket machine and validate the ticket before boarding.





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