Warm & Sparkling Borjomi Water

March 24, 2017

Borjomi is a brand of naturally sparkling mineral water from springs in the Borjomi gorge in Central Georgia. The Borjomi water is of a volcanic origin, being pushed to the surface from 1500 meters below ground level by pressure exerted by naturally occurring carbon dioxide. This process does not allow the water to cool down before it reaches the surface, meaning it appears out at a temperature of 38–41 °C. It then flows down to the Borjomi gorge from the glaciers of the Bakuriani mountains which reach peaks of up to 2,300 meters.



The Borjomi mineral park is located within the Borjomi gorge, and it dates back to the 1850’s. The pale green pavilion is the original mineral fountain and the water from this fountain is warm and lightly carbonated (and tastes funny) but it is thought to have many health benefits. Today there are forty commercial bottling plants which draw their water from other mineral springs in the area and export the water to forty countries around the world.


When visiting the Borjomi mineral park, you can walk upstream along the narrow wooded river valley until reaching a hot spring pool. From here you can return along the top of the valley until reaching the ferris wheel above the Borjomi water park. In the summer months you can use the cable car to return to the park entrance, or simply just walk.



How to get to Borjomi?


To reach Borjomi from Tbilisi you can catch a train (4-5 hours), marshrutka (2-3 hours) or be part of an organised tour. 


If opting for the train, it departs Tbilisi station at 06:35 and 16:15 arriving at Borjomi Park station at 10:45 and 20:25 respectively. The return train from Borjomi Park station departs at 07:05 and 16:45, arriving Tbilisi station at 11:35 and 21:10 respectively. The fare is 2 GEL - use the ticket machines found at the end of each carriage. Borjomi Park station is less than 1 km from the Borjomi Mineral Park entrance. 


Visit Georgian Railways to find up to date information. To access the train timetable first select English, then "Passenger Operations" on the right hand side. Then hover over "Traffic Schedule" and click on "Traffic General Schedule". This should open up a page with a list of all train services in Georgia, including the international trains to Yerevan (Armenia) and Baku (Azerbaijan). 


Borjomi station - For Borjomi town and the Mineral Park alight at Borjomi Park station


Tbilisi to Borjomi train interior


Scenery along the Mtkvari River, between Borjomi and Khashuri


Scenery along the Mtkvari River, between Borjomi and Khashuri


Where to next?


Consider combining the trip to Borjomi with a stop off at Gori - Stalin's birth place and now the Stalin Museum, Uplistsikhe Cave Town 10 km outside of Gori and / or a rail journey up the mountain to Bakuriani on the "Kukushka" train. 





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