May 27, 2017

Nestled between vineyards, the small medieval village of Saint-Émilion is easily accessible by train from Bordeaux – and makes for a perfect day trip or longer stay. The village boasts world-famous vineries, fine wine, beautiful architecture, great food and hidden catacombs. With all these gems waiting for you, it is no wonder the village was awarded UNESCO world heritage status in 1999. To really appreciate the village, and the surrounding rolling vineyards, take a trip up the Bell Tower, which dates back to the 13th Century. If your legs aren’t quite up for it, or heights just aren’t your thing, just sit back and sip wine.



How to get there?


Local trains regularly connect Bordeaux with Saint-Émilion; check out the journey planner on for further information (approx €9.50 one-way adult). From Gare St Emilion a 1.2 km walk alongside vineyards is then necessary to access Saint-Émilion village.


Photo Journal


St Emilion railway station, 1.2 km from St Emilion village 


The Bell Tower overlooking the village


Looking back towards St Emilion through a vine field


St Emilion


Looking Up


Looking back towards St Emilion railway station


The view from the Bell Tower


The village of St Emilion 


St Emilion yellow roses


The view from the Bell Tower


Enjoying the view




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