Amsterdam to Vienna

July 29, 2017

Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to Vienna (Austria) by train should take around 12 to 14 hours, depending if done during the day or overnight. It’s a comfortable journey, with at-seat plug sockets, a dedicated restaurant coach serving both hot and cold food and if opting for the overnight journey, you even get to save on the cost of a hotel.


Amsterdam Centraal station


How much does it cost?


The train from Amsterdam Central into Germany (Dusseldorf / Frankfurt) will undoubtedly be a German (DB) ‘ICE’ train which does not require FIP Coupon or Interrail pass holders to pay a reservation fee or supplement (as long as the coupon or pass covers both The Netherlands and Germany).


If travelling during the day, onward connections through Germany to Vienna will most likely be again by ‘ICE’ train, meaning that no reservation fee or supplement is required. By night however, the onward connection from Dusseldorf to Vienna is by Austrian (OBB) NightJet (shown in the timetables as ‘EN’ – EuroNight). For this train, reservations are mandatory for both couchette and seated accommodation (but don’t forget you save on the cost of a hotel / hostel in the city). For both journeys, you must hold the German and Austrian FIP coupons or Interrail passes.


Example Timetable


e.g. by day…

ICE train No. 105 from Amsterdam Centraal 08:02 to Frankfurt Flughafen 11:49, connecting with ICE train No. 27 from Frankfurt Flughafen 12:02 to Wien Hbf 19:09. Journey time is 11 hours 7 minutes.


e.g. by night...

ICE train No. 221 from Amsterdam Centraal 18:37 to Dusseldorf Hbf 20:46, connecting with EN train No. 40421 from Dusseldorf Hbf 20:54 to Wien Hbf 08:19. Journey time is 13 hours 42 minutes (most of which is spent asleep).


Where to find more information?


Visit the DB online timetable and enter the date, start and end locations for accurate train times and prices for single journeys without a FIP Coupon or Interrail pass.


To make a reservation for the overnight train if holding a valid FIP coupon or Interrail pass, use Ffestiniog Travel, Rail Canterbury or International Rail in England or any ‘International’ ticket desk at a continental European railway station, which are normally found at major stations such as Amsterdam Centraal.


To order  FIP Coupons visit the Rail Delivery Group website and for Interrail passes (global or country specific) visit the Interrail website


What was my journey like?


Amsterdam to Dusseldorf…ICE 221 from Amsterdam Centraal 18:37 to Dusseldorf Hbf 20:46


Note: “The Amsterdam to Dusseldorf train lost some time along the way, and with just 8 minutes to change trains in Dusseldorf I honestly thought I would miss my connection. However, this ICE train continues along the same route as the NightJet service but at a much higher speed so a connection further down the line would also have been possible. Luckily for me, and all the other passengers that evening making the same connection, they delayed the NightJet service to ensure all passengers had enough time to switch between the two trains.”


FIP Coupon for The Netherlands (NS - Nederlandse Spoorwegen)


Station barrier pass for The Netherlands


ICE train No. 221 waiting to depart Amsterdam Centraal 


Restaurant carriage on-board the ICE train No. 221 from  Amsterdam to Dusseldorf


Dusseldorf to Munich…EN 421 from Dusseldorf 20:54 to Munich Hbf  07:05


Note: “I tried to reserve the direct Dusseldorf to Vienna NightJet service on Friday in Amsterdam Centraal for a Saturday night journey however all sleeping compartments were full. There were a handful of seats left but I choose to instead travel to Munich from Dusseldorf in a 6-bed couchette and then continue to Vienna in the morning. The cost of one bed in a 6-bed couchette compartment was E34 with a German (DB) FIP Coupon. With regards to Interrail pass holders, I am unsure on what the price would be but I imagine it would be very similar.”


FIP Coupon for Germany (DB - Deutsche Bahn)


NightJet Reservation from Dusseldorf to Munich


EN train No. 421 waiting to depart Dusseldorf Hbf


6-Berth sleeping compartment on-board EN 421, Dusseldorf to Munich service


Munich to Vienna... RJ 61 from Munich Hbf 07:24 to Vienna Hbf 11:30


Note: “Unknown to me before the conductor checked my Austrian (OBB) FIP Coupon and asked for money, was that I needed to pay a E10 supplement to travel on RailJet (RJ) and Intercity (IC) trains in Austria. This E10 supplement covered me for the same time period as the dated box on the FIP Coupon (i.e. the date entered and the following day). With regards to Interrail pass holders, I am unsure on whether any supplements are payable.”


FIP Coupon for Austria (OBB - Osterreichische Bundesbahnen)


Austria (OBB - Osterreichische Bundesbahnen) supplement for FIP  Coupon holders


RJ (RailJet) train No. 61 waiting to depart Munich at 07:24


RJ (RailJet) train standard class accommodation 



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