The Netherlands & Austria (July 2017)

June 6, 2017


Welcome to my first ever pre-travel journal, for my upcoming planned trip from Nice, France to Cagliari, Sardinia in September 2017 (Tuesday 17th to Monday 23rd October). Every time I plan something, book something or simply change my plan, I will post it here. By doing this I hope it gives someone the courage and enthusiasm to plan a trip themselves, knowing when and how to book certain things, and helping you make that special journey unique and independent to your personal travel tastes.


This travel idea was born from the absolute desire to have one European beach holiday this summer (basically I was dreaming of swimming in the sea), preferably on the Mediterranean and including a part of France. My wife was adamant on Nice; I would’ve settled for any French town but preferably a place new to me, so I wasn’t particularly keen on Nice as we went there in August 2016 but she won in the end! With all my travels, train journeys are preferred, with bus journeys avoided as much as possible and car rentals just out of the picture. So with all this in mind, here’s the plan I came up with …


The trip


Ferry, Train & Flight tickets:


WIZZ AIR. Tuesday 17th October 2017. London Luton 16:35 to Poznan (Poland) 19:35. £30.49 (annoyingly I had to pay £13 on top of the ticket price of £17.49 for 'large' carry on luggage - the small free luggage was about the size of a hand bag or laptop bag - even Ryanair is more generous than Wizz Air). 


AIR BALTIC. Wednesday 18th October 2017. Poznan (Poland) 06:30 to Tel Aviv (Israel) 11:40. £48.60. 


MONARCH. Monday 23rd October 2017. Tel Aviv (Israel) 22:25 to London Luton (01:50+1). US$ 77.




AMSTERDAM: Check in Tuesday 17th October (1 night) at Hostel Poznań Baj. Approx £8 (38 zł) for a bed in a 6-bed dorm. Booked through Fully refundable until 14th October. 






Day 1 (TH): 

Day 2 (FR): 

Day 3 (SA): 

Day 4 (SU): 

Day 5 (MO): 

Day 6 (TU):

Day 7 (WE): Helsinki

Day 8 (TH): Helsinki 

Day 9 (FR): 





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