Alghero's Old Town Fortress

September 8, 2017

The atmospheric old town fortress of Alghero is a jungle of maze-like passageways connecting churches, cathedrals and piazzas.  With the towns rich and diverse history, much of the Catalan and Gothic influenced architecture dates back to the 16th century making the old town a fabulous destination to explore on foot.  But if you do need a break from the cobbled streets of the old town, a stroll along the sea walls lined with ramparts and towers makes for a great alternative option for a couple of hours.


The town  walls protruding into the Mediterranean Sea




At sunset you have two options.  The first is to take a pleasant stroll along the town walls, possibly stopping off at one of the many bars and restaurants to enjoy the stunning view as the sun peacefully sets over the Mediterranean Sea.  The second option is to watch the sunset from Blau Skybar, set on the top floor of Hotel Catalunya.  This raised position will give you uninterrupted far reaching views over the old town towards the Mediterranean Sea. 


Watching the sunset from Blau Skybar


Getting to Alghero


To reach Alghero without a car, you have three options - or just two if you don't consider flying as an option. 


By Air...

Alghero International Airport is served by airlines from various European countries.  A lot of these flights are seasonal but use Google Flights, or your preferred flight search tool to find your perfect flight. 


By Train...

Alghero is connected by ARST train to Sassari.  From Sassari it is possible to travel onward to Cagliari and Olbia by Trenitalia.  I have attempted to briefly explain "How to travel around Sardinia by train" using Trenitalia, ARST and Trenino Verde. 


By Bus...

If you really have to travel by bus (for example to/from the Airport or Bosa), check out the information on the ARST website or use the Public Transport option on Google maps which seems to give very accurate search results.  


For Bosa, the bus you will need is 'Linea 9312' which departs from Via Catalogna, costs €3.70 and takes approximately 55 minutes.  Tickets are bought from a small booth near the bus stop. 


More Photos


A blue window shutter


Getting lost inside Alghero's old town


Enjoying my seafood and black squid ink pasta


There are always more photos to be shared, (but sharing them all on this journal page will just make it look cluttered - so if you want to see more photos for inspiration, check out my Flickr Italy (Sardinia) album.  


Next Stop?


Bosa - Saturday 9th September 2017




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