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September 9, 2017

Bosa is potentially one of the most attractive towns in Sardinia with pastel coloured houses, clinging to a steep hillside with Castello Malaspina proudly sitting at the top.  The cobbled narrow streets and steep stone staircases are filled with an abundance of history and hidden charm, giving it that "lost in time" feeling and once you've reached the top, the views back towards Bosa Marina over the terracotta tiled roofs of the medieval old town are breathtakingly beautiful. 


The view from across the River Temo


The best place to view the houses is from a distance, but if you’re travelling without a car, then the opposite side of River Temo across from the historic town provides a good alternative.  Along this river, you will also find plenty of fishing boats moored up as Bosa does not just rely on tourism – it is still a real working city with around 8,000 inhabitants.


Exploring the town center on foot was our most enjoyable part of the day.  The houses here really are brightly coloured and you never know what is around the next corner or up the next stone staircase.  And as an added bonus, once you reach the top you will be blessed with magnificent views along the valley towards the Mediterranean Sea and a pomegranate tree (which Mehri decided was hers to munch on). 


Once you’ve had enough of the narrow cobbled and colourful streets (if that’s every possible), then you can head over to Bosa Marina by bus. Bosa Marina is about 2.5 km downstream of Bosa, and the beach there is an impressive one kilometer in length overlooked by a 16th century Aragonese defensive tower.


A selection of pastel colours, balconies and hand painted plant pots


Getting to Bosa or Bosa Marina


To reach Bosa without a car, you have two options.


By Train...

Bosa Marina is connected by tourist train (“Trenino Verde”) to Macomer which is on the Trenitalia network (connections possible to Sassari, Olbia and Cagliari).  The tourist train is operated by ARST (the same company that provides regular services between Alghero and Sassari) but this train is aimed only at tourists as it operates on selected days only (normally Saturday’s) during the peak season.  I caught this train from Bosa Marina back to Macomer on Saturday 9th September.


By Bus...

Buses connect Bosa with Bosa Marina (10 minutes), Alghero (1 hour) and Macomer (50 minutes).  Check out the information on the ARST website or use the Public Transport option on Google maps which seems to give very accurate search results.  The coastal road towards Alghero is beautiful as it will give you unspoiled views* of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea as the bus follows the contours of the rocky mountains that dramatically meet the sea below.  


* Sit on the left hand side of the bus when facing forwards (Bosa to Alghero direction).


More photos


Mehri with her figs - she calls it "gold"



In my opinion, it's worth the climb!


There are always more photos to be shared, (but sharing them all on this journal page will just make it look cluttered - so if you want to see more photos for inspiration, check out my Flickr Italy (Sardinia) album.  


Next Stop?


Bosa Marina to Macomer tourist train - Saturday 9th September 2017




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