Taking a ride on a 1950's railcar

September 9, 2017

"Trenino Verde" - It is the name given to the touristic trains that operate over some of most scenic sections of Sardinia's rail network.  And  the Bosa Marina to Macomer route is no exception.  During the two hour journey, passengers are blessed with beautiful vistas of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea whilst traversing through typical Sardinian landscapes on board a 1950's railcar.


A 1950's Fiat railcar waiting to depart Bosa Marina station


The Route


The Macomer to Bosa rail route is a panoramic line that slowly climbs from Bosa Marina to the 500 meter plateau of Campeda, reaching its highest stop at Bara (537 meters).  After leaving the Mediterranean Sea behind, the train zig-zags along, gradually climbing through a valley known for the production of Malvasia, an excellent locally produced wine.  


The train continues climbing, passing fields of Mediterranean scrub until it reaches a beautiful panoramic position overlooking Bosa’s coastline and the immense expanse of the deep blue coloured Mediterranean Sea.  From here the train heads inland towards Macomer passing small villages, with the landscape now being characterised by extensive pasture fields, bordered by dry stone walls.




Making the Journey


During summer Saturdays of 2017, the train departed every Saturday until 9th September from Macomer train station* at 09:00 arriving Bosa Marina at around 11:25. The return journey was scheduled to depart Bosa Marina at 15:45 arriving Macomer at around 18:10. A single ticket cost €12 and a return cost €16.


* The train departs from the “ARST” Piazza 2 Station, which is around 100 meters away from the mainline Trenitalia station which has connections to Olbia, Sassari and Cagliari.


To save time, you can also travel in just one direction as a local bus can easily be caught between Bosa or Bosa Marina and Macomer with a much shorter travel time of approximately 60 minutes – use Google maps or visit the Azienda Regionale Sarda Trasporti (ARST) website.


For more information visit Trenino Verde


Photo Journal





There are always more photos to be shared, (but sharing them all on this journal page will just make it look cluttered - so if you want to see more photos for inspiration, check out my Flickr Italy (Sardinia) album.  


Next Stop?


Cagliari - Sunday 10th September 2017



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