Genoa to Sardinia by Ferry

September 6, 2017

Occasionally on my travels I have to decide what to do when a railway doesn't exist between A and B, such as for my journey between Genoa, Italy and Olbia, Sardinia.  In these circumstances I normally have an option of flying, taking a ferry or catching a bus. And on this occasion it was all because of that little bit of water (the Mediterranean Sea) that annoyingly separated the Italian mainland and Sardinia so my only suitable option was the ferry (because flying was just too "normal" and buses don't float on water very well). 


Moby Aki with her "Looney Tunes" decorations departing Olbia port 


Genoa Port


The Treghetti Terminal in the port of Genoa is located 450 meters away from Dinegro metro station (approximately 5 minutes by foot), which in turn is connected to both main railway stations (“Genova Piazza Principe” and “Genova Brignole”) and Genoa city center.  It is also possible to walk here from Genova Piazza Principe (1.5 km) or Genoa city center (2.5 km). 


Olbia Port


The Treghettilines Terminal in the port of Olbia is located 1.5 km from Olbia city center or 2km from Olbia railway station.  The walk to the railway station takes about 25 minutes along "Viale Isola Bianca."  Alternatively, buses from outside the terminal run relatively frequently (for some bizarre reason we couldn't see the bus stop immediately and decided just to walk). 


How to buy a ticket 


Tickets can purchased directly from the operator, such as Moby Lines or through a third party ticket agent such as "A Ferry".  Third party websites can be particularly useful in planning your trip as the journey planners show all available options between the two selected ports. 


Journey details

Company: Moby Lines
Ferry Name: DREA

Booked: 9th August 2017

Date: 6th September 2017
Departure port: Genova
Departure time: 21:30
Arrival port: Olbia

Arrival time: 08:00 (following morning)


Cost: €165.44 for 2 people (including a €90 inside 2-berth cabin surcharge)


What to expect?


Our 2-berth inside cabin



One of many the restaurants serving dinner and breakfast



Arriving Olbia port at 8.30 am


More Photos


There are always more photos to be shared, but sharing them all on this journal page will just make it look cluttered - so if you want to see more photos for travel inspiration, check out my Flickr Italy (Sardinia) album. 


Next Stop?


Golfo Aranci Peninsula - Thursday 7th September 2017




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