Delhi Airport Metro Express

December 1, 2017

In a country where trains normally run hours or days late, it is incredible that the Delhi Airport Metro has a map showing how many seconds it takes between stations and how many seconds it will remain at each stop.  I didn’t know about this map until I got back home, but I can confidently say that it can’t be far wrong as the system ran flawlessly. 


 Above map and information obtained from the official Delhi Metro website (16.01.2018)



Journey details



The network itself starts from Dwarka Sector 21, but the stops most visitors to Delhi will want to know about are: 


"IGI Airport" for Delhi International Airport terminal

"Delhi Aerocity" for Delhi Domestic Airport terminal (requires a short taxi journey)

"Dhaula Kuan" for Delhi Railway Museum (requires a short taxi journey)

"New Delhi" for Delhi city center and New Delhi railway station


The view from the metro near Dhaula Kuan



This new Metro line, which opened in 2011 has cut down the travel time from Delhi International Airport to Delhi city center from around 2 hours in a taxi (due to all the traffic) to just 18 minutes for a ticket price of less than US$1 per person.  The entire route is completely segregated from the congested Delhi streets and is either above ground or below ground.  When above ground, it is amazing to look down and watch the train speed past all the traffic jams!!


At Delhi International Airport Terminal, follow the signs for the Metro (see photograph below for an example), pass through the security check and proceed to the ticket office to purchase a token.  Check your change carefully as I immediately got short changed here, and the ticket office staff clearly knew what he had done because as soon as I questioned him, the rest of my change appeared straightaway.  To enter the platform areas, you will need to pass through a ticket barrier - just tap your token on the reader and the gate will open.  


Left: Delhi International Airport metro entrance & Right: The platform at New Delhi station



The opposite end of the line is New Delhi.  The Metro terminates here and you will need to make your way onto the chaotic Delhi streets.  The railway station is not directly connected to the metro station, but it is easily* walked in around 3-5 minutes. For other destinations use a map to see how far you need to go. 


* easily: just remember that this is India and the streets are full of people, there are no pavements, people drive without much care etc. etc. etc. but a taxi for this very short journey would not be appropriate either. 




The front and back of a Delhi Metro token and the cost of each single journey (16.01.2018) 



The Train


Smart, clean and modern



More Photos



There are always more photos to be shared, (but sharing them all on this journal page will just make it look cluttered - so if you want to see more photos for inspiration, check out my Flickr "2017 - India" album.  



Next Stop?


Delhi Railway Museum - Friday 1st December 2017 (coming soon)...




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