The Lumiere London light festival

January 18, 2018

The Lumiere light festival returned to London again this year between the 18th and 21st January, illuminating the streets across London from Kings Cross and South Bank to London's West End and Mayfair.  The exhibition included more than 50 artworks transforming the city into a dazzling nocturnal art scene. 


Here are some of ones I visited around Kings Cross... 


Warterlicht - Daan Roosegaarde (The Netherlands) - Granary Square - The dreamy landscape considers the power and poetry of water in our urban lives. Using the latest LED technology, Waterlicht imagines a virtual flood, revealing the height of potential flooding id we fail to control our climate. 


Lampounette - TILT (France) - King's Boulevard - Enjoy TILT's surreal take on London's latest cultural quarter with Lampounette, which pays homage to the iconic office desk lamp. The French artistic studio focuses on the exploration of light and its interplay with art, architecture and space. 


IFO (Identified Flying Object) - Jacques Rival (France) - Battle Bridge Place just outside of St Pancras and Kings Cross stations - Created by French artist and architect Jacques Rival, by day this giant 'birdcage' frames the daily theatre of the street, while at night, it morphs into a luminous rainbow of colour, re-emitting the energy it accumulated during the day. 



And a few more around London's West End...



More Photos 


There are always more photos to be shared, (but sharing them all on this journal page will just make it look cluttered - so if you want to see more photos for inspiration, check out my Flickr "2018 - England" album. 


Will it return in 2019? 


I have no idea, but if it does and you are in London, you should definitely put a few hours aside to wander between the artworks.  My top tip... plan your route ahead to avoid going back and forth, or having to continuously use the tube or bus between locations. 



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