Biarritz to Paris (by TGV)

May 28, 2018

Since the opening of the new High Speed Line between Tours and Bordeaux in 2017, the journey time from Paris to Biarritz has been reduced by approximately 1 hour to relatively fast 4 hours and about 20 minutes.  In addition to this reduction in journey time, the opening of the new line was celebrated by the introduction of a new fleet of TGV Océane trains with modern interiors. 


 A TGV Océane train at Biarritz station on Monday 28th May 2018 



Biarritz station


Getting to Biarritz station is perhaps the worst part of this journey.  For some reason, back in the day when the railway was originally built, the railway wasn't built to serve the coastal area and town center of Biarritz - perhaps its a questions of which came first - the railway or the town.  Anyway, the simple fact is that Biarritz station  is approximately 3 km from Biarritz town center and that means that it will take you 40 minutes by foot if you choose to walk (we did on one occasion). 


The alternative option is to catch bus No. 8 or 10.  The journey time is just 10 minutes and the fare is 1€ (pay the driver directly - ideally with the exact change and remember to stamp the ticket they issue you).  The bus stop at Biarritz train station is just across the road from the station and there are several bus stops within the town center of Biarritz.  The frequency of the bus varies greatly by time of day, and the day of the week itself, however the two most important points to note are that Google Maps gave reliable journeys on the journey planner and that all the buses we caught arrived on time (hence in my opinion pretty reliable although I would still aim to arrive at the train station at least 30 minutes before your trains booked departure time). 


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Biarritz station on Monday 28th May 2018 




Paris Montparnasse station


Paris Montparnasse station is in the southern part of central Paris.  The station is connected to Gare du Nord by metro line 4 (the metro stop at Paris Montparnasse on Line 4 is called Montparnasse - Bienvenüe). 




To/From Paris 


Connections are available to a range of European cities from Paris such as London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne and Basel.  


To/From Hendaye


If you're heading south, you will first need to catch either a TGV or Regional 'TER' train to Hendaye or Irun on the French / Spanish border.  From there you will be able to continue your journey to a selection of Spanish destinations (i.e. Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona) as well as Lisbon by direct overnight sleeper train.  


Biarritz to Lisbon...

Biarritz 16:54 to Hendaye 17:27 on Regional 'TER' train (there is a slightly later TGV train available)

Hendaye 18:35 to Lisbon Santa Apolonia 07:30 on the Sud Expresso "Tren Hotel"


Lisbon to Biarritz... 

Lisbon Santa Apolonia 21:25 to Hendaye 11:33 on the Sud Expresso "TrenHotel"

Hendaye 11:57 to Biarritz 12:33 by Regional 'TER' train 


All times shown above are for a random date in July 2018 and therefore I highly recommend that you check journey times for the date of your intended travel using one of the suggested links below.  One point to remember though, if travelling with an Interrail pass or FIP coupon it is best to use Regional 'TER' trains in France to avoid paying a reservation fee.  


Note:  RENFE are currently upgrading their track in northern Spain to cater for high speed international rail services from France and journeys originating from Spain are currently terminating at Irun.  There are however one or two trains per day that travel all the way through to Hendaye.  Therefore to search train times from say Biarritz to Madrid, you will most likely have to cut the journey into two parts.  Part (1): Biarritz to Hendaye, then transfer by Euskotren to Irun and Part (2): Irun to Madrid / Zaragoza / Barcelona.  An example itinerary is shown below. 


Biarritz to Madrid... 

Biarritz 12:04 to Hendaye 12:35 by TGV train 

Hendaye 14:03 to Irun-Colon 14:07 station by Euskotren (FIP coupons and Interrail passes are not valid)

(10 minute walk)

Irun 14:53 to Madrid Chamartin 22:06 by RENFE


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Standing next to the new TGV Océane train at Biarritz station on Monday 28th May 2018 - I'm particular happy is this was a SNCF Strike Day yet I managed to find a train that was running! 





Route: Hendaye & Biarritz to Paris Montparnasse (by TGV)

Last updated: 31/05/2018


**please check use the online journey planner at to ascertain the timetable for the date of your travel as the timetable varies quite a lot**







Route: Hendaye & Biarritz to Paris Montparnasse (by TGV)

Last updated: 31/05/2018


**all fares shown are one-way**


Non refundable ‘Promo’ fare…

  • Seat (2nd class): from €xx.xx per person from Hendaye & from €xx.xx per person from Biarritz

  • Seat (1st class): from €xx.xx per person from Hendaye & from €xx.xx per person from Biarritz


Full price fare…

  • Seat (2nd class): €xx.xx per person from Hendaye & €xx.xx per person from Biarritz

  • Seat (1st class): €xx.xx per person from Hendaye & €xx.xx per person from Biarritz


For up to date fares, visit the French Railways official website. 







Interrail travel restrictions

Last updated: 31/05/2018


Please note that these restrictions have been copied from the Interrail webpage titled Domestic train reservation fees with additional notes added.





Rail Staff (FIP) travel restrictions

Last updated: 31/05/2018


Please note that these restrictions have been copied from the online document titled Travel in Europe (FIP): How to make the most of your benefits with additional notes added.





What are the French ‘SNCF’ TGV trains like from Biarritz to Paris?


THE first Alstom TGV 2N2 Euroduplex Atlantique train for the 302km Sud Europ Atlantique high-speed linewas revealed to the press at Paris Montparnasse station on September 14 by French National Railways (SNCF) president Mr Guillaume Pepy and Mrs Rachel Picard, CEO of Voyages SNCF.


TGV Océane second class carriages 



TGV Océane first class carriages 



TGV Océane bar carriage located between the first and second class carriages 



What are French Regional ‘TER’ trains like?


For more information visit my travel journal “San Sebastian to Biarritz”.



Suggested Links


The official French Railways (SNCF) website



Photo Journal


Wine for me and an eclair for Merhi (bought from Biarritz town center and not on the train) 



There are always more photos to be shared, but sharing them all on this journal page will just make it look cluttered so if you want to see more photos for inspiration, check out my Flickr “France–2018” album.


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