Train No. 056Ч (Bukhara to Urgench)

October 13, 2018



Urgench Station



Departing Bukhara 1 Railway Station




The Journey




Arriving Urgench



Arriving at Urgench Railway Station (and getting to Khiva)







There is a daily train between Bukhara and Urgench, however the train number and destination varies day by day. In the westbound direction, you will either be on Train No. 058З or Train No. 056Ч. The timetable for both trains is:


“ТАШКЕНТ (УТИ)” Tashkent (Depart) 20:27

“САМАРКАНД (УТИ)” Samarkand (Arrive) 00:13 – (Depart) 00:28

“БУХАРА 1 (УТИ)” Bukhara (Arrive) 03:42 – (Depart) 04:07

“УРГЕНЧ (УТИ)” Urgench (Arrive) 11:02


In the return direction, there is again a daily train between Urgench and Bukhara, however the train number and origin varies day by day. In this direction, you will either be on Train No. 056Ж or Train No. 058Ь.


“УРГЕНЧ (УТИ)” Urgench (Depart) 15:50

“БУХАРА 1 (УТИ)” Bukhara (Arrive) 22:47 – (Depart) 23:12

“САМАРКАНД (УТИ)” Samarkand (Arrive) 02:45 – (Depart) 03:05

"ТАШКЕНТ (УТИ)” Tashkent (Arrive) 07:01


Note: All trains along this route are operated by traditional Soviet / Russian style carriages although not every train conveys First Class Sleeping Cars.





Tickets can technically be purchased online from the Uzbekistan Railways website, however I was unable to purchase tickets through this site as on each occasion after I had entered my credit card details in and pressed ‘next’, the website defaulted back to the journey planner page. Alternative options include buying them at any railway station in Uzbekistan or using an Uzbekistan based travel agency.  


As I was beginning my journey in Kazakhstan, I used "TicketsKz" which is a basically an online travel agency. It is very important to point out that tickets purchased through this website must be collected in Kazakhstan. Ticket prices are marked up by approximately 50% if using this website. 


My Bukhara to Urgench train ticket collected in Kazakhstan



What was the train like (including ticket prices)?


Coach 4 – First Class Sleeping Carriage

Class Люкс (1У) – 173,290 Uzbek Soum (approx US$22) – prices obtained from



Exterior and Interior views of a First Class Sleeping Carriage and the seating plan 




Coach 05/08/09 – Second Class Sleeping Car “Kupe”

Class Купе (2К) – 85,544 Uzbek Soum (approx US$11) – prices obtained from


The seating plan layout (very similar to First Class Sleeping Carriages except each compartment has four beds - 2 upper and 2 lower)



Coach 06/07/09/10 – Open Sleeping Carriage “Plastkartny”

Class Плацкартный (3П) – 58,202 Uzbek Soum (approx US$7.50) – prices obtained from

 The seating plan (for an idea of what Platskartny Carriages are like, check out my travel journal from my rail journey from Chişinău to Kiev in April 2018)



The Restaurant Carriage

Read more about the restaurant car in my travel journal: Train No. 058Ь (Urgench to Tashkent via Bukhara).



Suggested Links


The official Uzbekistan Railways website is very useful for journey planning, timetables (use the Cyrillic station names I have written in the "timetable" section) and seating layouts. Booking the train tickets however, proved impossible for me personally. 


I used "TicketsKz" to purchase all my Uzbekistan train tickets which is a Kazakhstan based online agency.  If using this site, you must pick up your tickets in Kazakhstan and expect ticket prices to be marked up by approximately 50%. The train carriage seating plans on this site are not useful and are actually highly misleading in some cases, so it is best to use the official Uzbekistan Railways website above to choose the carriage and seat you want, and then to just select that exact carriage number and seat number on this website.



Photo Journal


Urgench Station



There are always more photos to be shared but sharing them all on this journal page will just make it look cluttered so if you want to see more photos for inspiration, check out my Flickr “Uzbekistan-2018” album.


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