Porto to Lisboa (by Intercity Train)

May 21, 2018

Travelling by train between Porto and Lisboa is easy, quick and convenient by either Intercity (IC) or Alfa Pendular (AP) train.  There are several trains a day, normally at hourly intervals in each direction and the journey takes between 2.5 and 3 hours.  Both Interrail and FIP coupons are valid on the train, however a reservation is always needed (approximately €4-5) which is automatically included if buying a ticket online or at a station.  


Enjoying a glass of white wine in the Intercity train bar coach



Porto Campanha station


At the Porto end of the journey, trains arrive and depart from Porto Campanha station.  To reach Porto Campanha station from Porto's town center, you can either catch a tram/metro from stations such as Bolhão or Trindade, or you can catch a Regional (R) train free* of charge from the beautiful Porto San Bento station - a must see building in its own right.  


Both the tram/metro and Regional train depart regularly however I would advise arriving Porto Campanha station at least 20 minutes prior to your longer distance train departing to allow enough time to change trains at Porto Campanha station in a relaxed manner!   The journey time from by either tram/metro or Regional train is approximately 10 minutes. 


  • To read more about the tram/metro, read my journal "getting to and from Porto International Airport"

  • To read more about catching a train from Porto San Bento station, read my journal "Douro Valley by Regional Train"


*  this journey is FREE if you hold an onward ticket from Porto Campanha on an Intercity or Alfa Pendular service to destinations such as Lisboa - please confirm locally when purchasing your train ticket or making a reservation to ensure this rule hasn't changed.  Interrail and FIP coupon users can use these local 'Regional' trains without a reservation or supplement as long as the Interrail or FIP coupon itself is valid. 


Porto Campanha station ticket hall 



Lisbon Oriente and Lisbon Santa Apolonia stations


At the Lisbon end, most trains on this route arrive and depart from Lisbon's Santa Apolonia station which is just two stops from Baizxa-Chiado metro station in Lisbon's center.  The entrance to the metro station is inside the station and once you've gone down the escalators, you can purchase either a single journey ticket or a 24 hour ticket from the ticket vending machine.  In both cases you will need to pay €0.50 extra for the card the ticket is loaded onto (a bit like an oyster card in London).  Once you have paid for the card, you can reload it with more journeys during your stay in Lisbon.  The journey to Baixa-Chiado on the Linha Azul (Blue Line) takes just a few minutes. 


Lisbon Santa Apolonia station



There are however a few trains that do not stop at Lisbon Santa Apolonia station and these are mostly trains that continues towards southern Portugal, or have originated from southern Portugal.   Instead these will stop at  Lisbon Oriente station about 9km from Lisbon's center (note: all trains that stop at Lisbon Santa Apolonia station will also stop at Lisbon Oriente station).  From Lisbon Oriente station, Linha Vermelha (Red Line) will take you towards the International Airport or Lisbon's center - with a change required to either Linha Azul (Blue Line) or Linha Verde (Green Line) to reach Baizxa-Chiado metro station.  The journey time to Baixa-Chiado is about 25 minutes. 


Lisbon Oriente station itself is a modern piece of art work, designed by the Architect Calatrava.  It was opened in 1998 when Lisbon held the World Trade Fair (Lisbon Expo 98).  

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The journey time between Porto Campanha and Lisbon Oriente stations by Intercity ‘IC’ trains is 3 hours.  Alfa Pendular ‘AP’ trains are about 25 minutes quicker.  


There are (normally) hourly departures in both directions between 05:00 and 20:00, with a much slower Regional 'R' train overnight. 


Porto Campanha station





Route: Porto to Lisbon 

Last updated 02/06/2018 


**all fares shown are one-way**


Non refundable 'Promo' fares... 

  • PROMO fares are available which save a few Euros if booked in advance 


Full price fares...

  • Intercity:  €24.70 in 2nd class and €36.50 in 1st class

  • Alfa Pendular:  €30.80 in 2nd class and €43.10 in 1st class



Left: Seat reservation (mandatory) when travelling with a FIP coupon (below) 

Right: Reduced rate ticket when travelling with a FIP card 



FIP travel coupon for Portuguese Railways - Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses (CP)



Interrail travel restrictions


Please note that these restrictions have been copied from the Interrail webpage titled Domestic train reservation fees with additional notes added.


Reservations for both IC and AP (Alfa Pendular) trains are compulsory and can only be made locally.  The seat reservation fee for 1st or 2nd class is €5 depending on the class of Interrail pass you hold.

Travel on Regional ‘R’ or Inter-Regional ‘IR’ trains does not require seat reservations to be made, and are free to use if holding a valid Interrail ticket.


Rail Staff (FIP) travel restrictions


Please note that these restrictions have been copied from the online document titled Travel in Europe (FIP): How to make the most of your benefits with additional notes added.


NOTE (1): You must have a sear reservation for travel on IC and AP (Alfa Pendular) trains if holding a valid FIP coupon for Portugal (available to active staff only).  On AP trains, coupons (irrespective of class) are valid in tourist class only.  The seat reservation fee for 2nd class on an IC or AP train is 4€.  

NOTE (2):  Travel on Regional ‘R’ or Inter-Regional ‘IR’ trains does not require seat reservations to be made, and are free to use if holding a valid Portuguese ‘CP’ FIP coupon (available to active staff only).

NOTE (3):  Partners and family members with FIP travel facilities receive a discount on the normal fare when a ticket is bought using the FIP card (the discounted amount is shown on the FIP card – normally 50%).  If the discount you receive is 50%, the one-way fare from Porto to Lisbon is... 

  • Intercity:  €12.50 in 2nd class (inc. seat reservation)

  • Alfa Pendular:  €15.50 in 2nd class (inc. seat reservation)


NOTE (5):  FIP facilities are not valid on Fertagus trains, on the underground services in Lisbon, Porto and Mirandela, nor are they valid on ferries between Lisbon and Barreiro.  Travel to/from Lisbon and/or Porto international airports by tram/metro will require a full priced ticket to be purchased.



What are Portuguese Intercity ‘IC’ trains like?


A second class Intercity train offering comfortable 2 by 2 airline style seating and few options for groups of four to be seated together around a table. 



A first class intercity train, with 1 by 2 airline style seating and table seats. 



The restaurant / bar car found between the first and second class carriages offering a small selection of drinks (hot and cold) and food.



What are Portuguese Regional ‘R’ and Inter-Regional ‘IR’ trains like?


For more information visit my travel journal “The Douro Valley by train.”



What are the Spanish ‘RENFE’ operated TrenHotel services like from Lisbon to Hendaye/Irun or Madrid?


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Photo Journal


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Porto  Campanha station, just before boarding the 19:52 hours Intercity service to Lisbon



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